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Organizations that provide hospitality services routinely need to authorize clients to provide Internet access or local printing services. This is generally solved by providing a password for wireless network access. There are several problems associated with the use of these passwords. They are usually not changed for a long time to make it easier for returning guests to connect. Sharing a password among all clients also means that it is effectively public. Lastly, these passwords are easy to crack by malicious users.

This exposes the organization potentially to various risks; Internet access might be abused for illegal actions, malicious users might attempt to break into systems of guests to steal information and internal systems might be accessed by circumventing protection measures.

The Brama XS Controller’ Captive Portal provides an easy and secure way to supply Internet services to clients by separating communication channels and providing user- and device authentication. By installing an app of the clients’ device (available in all major app stores) the client is provided with access for as long as defined by helpdesk or reception personnel.

The Brama XS Controller easily integrates with most infrastructures thus lifting your previous infrastructure investments to a new security level.