Brama XS Brama XS

The Brama XS Controller for Healthcare provides Authentication and Accounting services that will increase network security levels by using optional certificate based user and device authentication. We designed the Brama XS Controller for quick integration with existing network and server infrastructures and ease of management and configuration.

Securing IT services and information has become a challenge for many healthcare organizations because of the ever increasing complexity of IT systems. Higher confidentiality and security levels of patient records and personal data is required by clients, medical personnel, insurance companies and other stake holders, but also increasingly governments require proof of sufficient security controls.

The BRAMA XS Controller provides you with the means to protect, log and audit access to confidential networks and systems.

The BRAMA XS Controller monitors and manages access to resources by separating communication channels across various virtual networks. The BRAMA XS Controller ensures that not only the individual but also the device is authenticated. This enables you to easily create policies that enforce which user can connect to what service and with which device they are allowed to do this. For example medical personnel can access patient records from devices controlled by the organization, but not from personal tablets. Although the personal tablet can still access the Internet.