Brama XS Brama XS

The BRAMA XS Controller for Enterprises helps organizations that face challenges with handling a multitude of users and devices. The BRAMA XS Controller steps beyond simple user-authentication but also authenticates the device. This enables organizations to easily define policies to control which user can use which device to connect to different IT resources.

Due the size and complexity of enterprise infrastructures, implementation of new functionality can easily turn into a nightmare. The Brama XS Controller is easy to integrate within your environment because it uses open protocols to communicate with existing network devices and appliances. By using intelligent wizards we made implementation easy and virtually effortless.

Through the BRAMA XS Controllers' Secure Captive Portal, Administrators and Helpdesk personnel save time rolling out devices by greatly simplifying the provisioning process and moving most of it to the user. Users request access through the Secure Captive Portal. To authorize a device the Administrator or Helpdesk person then only needs to designate a policy, after which the user can complete the procedure and gains access.